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Light at the End of the Tunnel

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It appears that my long weeks of unemployment are finally coming to an end.  A local restaurant, Hoss’s Steak and Sea House, has decided to hire me as a part time salad bar attendant.  The pay will be $7.25 per hour.

I am not in a position to turn down any type of job write now, so I will be going in on Monday evening, at 7:30pm EST, for my orientation.  I still need to keep looking for a better job however, as I need something full time, with benefits.  A higher wage would be nice as well.

I have a few potential leads on better jobs.  A local grocery store chain, Staufers of Kissel Hill, just interviewed me for a nursery sales clerk position, that would be full time, and pay $8.50 per hour to start.  This job likely wouldn’t begin until April, and there is no guarantee that they would still have work for me a few months down the road, but I would be willing to take that chance in order to get my foot in the door at Staufers.

I also just had an interview at a printing company called R.R. Donnelly.  They are a well established, successful company, that has been in our area for a long time.  They interviewed me for a forklift operator position, that would start at $11.90 per hour, plus $17.85 per hour on weekends.  I was really impressed by this company when I went there for my interview.  It was not at all what I expected from a “warehouse” position.  The people were very friendly and professional, the building was very clean, low noise, and climate controlled, and the interview itself was a casual, low pressure affair.  However, there are several candidates for this job, and only one spot available.

I also just found out about a telemarketing job that has become available in my area.  It can pay as much as $10.50 per hour if quotas are met.  I know how may people feel about telemarketing, understandably, but having done this type of thing before, I actually enjoy this type of work, so I am excited to explore this opportunity.

Unfortunately I have also received a couple rejection letters from companies I have interviewed with.  These have come from companies that do credit checks as part of there hiring process.  My credit is completely shot, and I don’t really see any hope of repairing it.  I  am not letting this get me down though.  I just have to have faith, and keep doing the right things, and eventually I will find a career path I can be proud of.


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  1. I have faith in you and I know that someday you will find a job where you are happy and fulfilled. Until that happens we’ll just have to keep saving and working hard to get the hell out of here! I love you!


    February 11, 2008 at 10:09 am

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