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The Village of Quietville

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I have been working on some new ideas to use in my Wednesday night D&D campaign.  I am writing a new town that will be used as a home base during the early part of my campaign.  I am calling this town Quietville until I can think of something better.


This town was founded by a traveling merchant, Ben the trader, who built the first trading post here.  He would broker deals between the elf and human tribes that hunted in the woods to the north, and the dwarves that mine in the hills to the east.  He also built the first tavern and boarding house across from his trading post, as well as a market for traveling vendors. 

He later opened up a quarry to the south, and rented land for farming in the west.  Over the years he became quite prosperous and wealthy, and eventual acquired enough wealth to hire a nearby warrior tribe to serve as guards in his settlement.  He also hired a great gnome wise-man to come act as judge in any disputes that would arise in town.

However, these were dangerous times.  A failed robbery attempt by Orc bandits took place, in which Ben the Merchant was gravely wounded.  To this day he still uses a cane and walks with a limp.  For this reason, he hired Theodoric, a Half-Orc ranger, as his personal bodyguard.  He also appointed Theodoric’ brother, Crag, as sheriff, and ordered him to organize and train a village militia to help ward off an further Orc attacks.

All has been peaceful for a while, But Kolear, captain of the Orc bandits, has yet to be brought to justice.  Crag, sheriff of Quietville, has offered up a reward for anyone who can find the secret Orc bandit hideout, and bring Kolear to  justice.  Rumors have been going around that the Orc hideout can be found somewhere northwest of the village, among some old ruins.

Recent Events

Ben  the Merchant’s popularity and respect among the local tribes has increased recently, due to his recent marriage to Rose of the Wild, the queen of a popular local clan.  It has recently been announced that they are expecting there first child.  As a gift to his new bride, Ben has constructed an extravagant villa for her, on a small hill overlooking the village.

Ben has also recently earned the favor of the church of Pelor, as he has just finished construction of a grand temple dedicated to the sun god’s honor.  The church will soon be sending a delegation of priests to service the temple.  They also plane to open a martial school for paladins on the site, as they have long been seeking to move there school away from the distractions of the bigger cities in the empire in the north east.

A new thorn in the side of the sheriff and his guards has sprung up recently.  The spoiled and bored children of some local merchants are attempting to form a thieves guild in the village.  Crag is determined to put a stop to this, but has had a tough time of it thus far, as these missguided young men and women have been protected by there wealthy families.


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February 10, 2008 at 11:30 pm

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  1. That sounds like super-fangorious amounts of fun! You are so creative! I hope we get to travel to that world soon! You make me smile in places I have never smiled before!


    February 11, 2008 at 10:08 am

  2. […] in Dungeons & Dragons by dgarman on February 14th, 2008 I have decided to elaborate on the Village of Quietvilleby delving into some of the important characters there a little deeper.  I will start out with Ben […]

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