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Update on Work & Other Less Important Matters

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Okay, first and foremost, I want to make a pledge to myself to post more regularly on this blog.  Daily if at all passable.  I just haven’t been keeping up with this lately like I would like to.  I have been to absorbed in playing video games and such.

Now for an update on work.  Last week I was sent home early one more day, but as of Friday, they started giving us our hours back, and as of Monday they called most people back from layoff, although some would not return.  I had submitted my resume to a few employers on in the meantime, but most of the offers I have received thus far have been less than tempting.

Now on to more fun matters, this weeks fantasy NASCAR picks:

Jeff Gordan
Dale Earnhardt. Jr.
Kyle Busch
Brian Vickers

P.S….   When I was proofreading this post I discovered, ironically, that the word blog is not recognized by the wordpress spell checker.  Nor is the word “wordpress”.


Written by dgarman

March 26, 2008 at 4:19 pm

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