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One of my favorite supervisors at work is leaving tomorrow.   This is a little bit of a bitter sweet occasion because, although she will be sorely missed, this does open up an opportunity for one of us peons to become a night shift supervisor.  Needless to say, I applied for the position.

I submitted my resume earlier this week, and I was called into the facility managers office this evening for a preliminary interview.  She will be holding second interviews for select candidates on Monday.  I was nervous as hell, and it showed, but some of the other sales managers in the office told me I made a good impression.

This move is really all about money for me.  If it don’t make dollars,  It don’t make sense.  It would bean about a three dollar pay raise from my current base pay, and about 10-20 hours more per week, as well as benefits, which I need desperately. 


Written by dgarman

April 11, 2008 at 8:01 am

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