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Dream Vacations

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In these times of troubles, it is nice to dream about better times to help keep my mind off things.  One of the things I offten like to think about is dream vacations.  I don’t know when my next chance will be to take a real vacation, but I am already compiling a wish list for when that time should come.

Somewhere near the top of my list would definitely be a Caribbean cruise.  I took one with my family when I was a child, and it is still one of my favorite experiences of my life.  I would just love to escape to the warm air, the sun, the salty smell of the breeze coming in off the ocean.  I love the look of the Caribbean Sea and all the islands with there beautiful tropical plants and animals.  I love the way the stars over the Caribbean look at night, and I love the nightlife on board the ship.  I love the 24 hour pizza bar, the Cassino’s, the shows, and sitting by the pool side listening to a Caribbean band and looking at the girls.

Also on my list of dream vacations would be a road trip across the US.  I would love to go all up and down the east coast, visiting my friends and family along the way, starting with my Renaissance fair Friends and Navy friends in New England, while of course seeing all the sites in Salem and Boston.  I would visit my aunt and uncle in Williamsbug Virgina, and my family on Lake Norman in North Carolina.  I would like to go back to Savanna, and Hilton Head, as well as Atlanta, all on the way back to my old stomping grounds in Pensacola FL.  I would work my way down the panhandle along the gulf coast, stopping at Panama city, and then heading down to Miami, where I got my first tatoo.  I always wanted to see the everglades, and visit the florida keys too.  And that’s just my east coast road trip, I will perhaps save my west coast wish list for another post.


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January 28, 2009 at 7:10 pm

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Job Search

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I have been continuing my job search with little results thus far.  This weekend I applied at Lowes, Blockbuster and Home Depot, and today I applied at Best Buy.  I have been confining my job search to the retail sector mostly, but if I find a promising opportunity in another area, I will apply for that as well.

None of the temp agencies I am registered with are giving me work right now, and it seems pretty futile to go out and register with more, although I will at least try the two closest to my house.  Temping was always good to me in the past, but when the economy went south, that seemed like one of the first job sources to dry up.  The newspaper is full of temp agency ads, because most of them pay for ads for a full year, but few of them are actually hiring.

At least my unemployment finaly kicked in, so I have a little money in my pocket now, and I have a meeting with public assistance tomorrow.  I hate to have to resort to this, but I have to do whatever it takes to survive at this point.  Hopefully, with persistant effort on my part, my fortunes will change soon.

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January 26, 2009 at 5:03 pm

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Last night I went out with my room mate and some of his friends.  We went bowling and hit up Denny’s afterwords.  It was definitely nice to get out of the house for a change, but I am a little disappointed with my bowling scores.  I am the type of person that likes to win at whatever I do, even if it’s just a bunch of friends and I having fun at the bowling ally.  I am not a sore loser mind you, I just enjoy challenging myself.

Beating my friends at bowling proved to be quite the challenge, because my room mate Steve can put up some pretty high scores from time to time, his high game last night being a 208, while mine was only a 116.  I was a little disappointed with my performance, because I used to bowl consistently better than that when I bowled regularly.  I think this could prove an interesting new challenge for myself, so I am going to take some time to work on my game, at least throughout the winter.

Ounce spring arives, I may switch to an outdoor activity, like golf or fishing, but for now, this should occupy some of my time.  I need to visit the pro shop though, as my equiptment is woefully in need of an upgrade.  My ball needs to have the finger holes re-drilled, as I have put on a decent amount of wait since I purchased it, and it is now to small for my fat fingers.  I also need a new ball bag, a better fitting wrist guard, and a pair of my own bowling shoes, so I don’t have to keep renting shoes from the lane.

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January 25, 2009 at 4:32 pm

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Getting Out of the House

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I am trying to think of new hobbies or activities I can participating that will meet certain criteria.  I am looking for fun, inexpensive activities that will get me out of the house and enable me to meet new and interesting people.  I want an engaging social experience.  I want something to exercise me mentally or physically.  In short, I need a new hobby, or at least to rekindle an old one.

Some possible candidates are joining a bowling league, taking up golf, joining some kind of book club or writers workshop, joining a religious organization, joining a civic organization, or getting back into marshal arts.  I am sure I can come up with some other ideas as well.  Right now, expense, driving distance, and schedule are key considerations.

If anyone, especially anyone locally, has any interesting ideas, please do share.  It’s just that I have now been single and unemployed for a while, and cooped up around the house allot.  Most of the things I do to pass the time don’t get me out of the house or interacting with other people, nor do they enrich my life in any way.  I have been spending allot of time playing video games, which is what I really want to cut back on.  I have also spent time exercising, doing house work, and practicing guitar, which isn’t a total waste of time.  I have even started writing songs again.  I am trying to continue my trend of positive activities, it’s just that these are all solo activities, and don’t really get me out of the house.  I do have an offer from a friend to come and play guitar with me some time, and my room mate occasionally wants bass lessons from me, but even these things pretty much just involve a couple of guys just sitting around the house, and aren’t a great way to meet girls and such.

Like I said, let me know if you have any cool ideas I should look into, and I will keep you all posted on what I come up with.

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January 25, 2009 at 12:55 am

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What the….?

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What the...?

What the...?

Okay folks, so who has seen this commercial?  They even sent me an email today advertising this crap.  What a hideous invention.  Did you see the part in the commercial where the family was sitting around the campfire all wearing these things?   They look like some kind of strange Kool-Aid drinker cult.  Please tell me that you or no one you know has bought one of these things.

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January 23, 2009 at 4:54 pm

Back to WordPress

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After a long time of doing my blogging in other places for all the wrong reasons, I have decided to come back to my wordpress blog.  After every other platform I have tried, I have never been happier, and never gotten more readers than I have right here on wordpress.

I have tried many free platforms, including blogger, myspace, and xanga, among others.  Of all of those, I have to say Xanga was the only decent one, and for a while, I was actually getting a few regular readers on  that site, but it just doesn’t have the flexibility and functionality of the WordPress platform.

My long absense from WordPress really started when I got this stupid idea that I wanted to blog for profit instead of for fun.  I needed a free platform that would let me host ads, so I chose blogger for it’s easy adsense integration.  I blogged there for almost a year, and made about two bucks.  The worst part was, pursuing the pipe dream of being a professional blogger took all the fun out of blogging.  So I took a brief brake from blogging all together, possibly never to return to the hobby.

It wasn’t until I decided to put up a site for my new D&D group, and decided to use for that site, that I remembered how much fun I had blogging on wordpress, and interacting with the community here.  So here I am, back at wordpress, and with no more pretensions of trying to become a professional blogger, or chasing any more get rich quick schemes.  I guess some lessons I just had to learn the hard way.

Now I am just a regular guy, trying to find a real job, and enjoying my hobby of blogging.

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January 23, 2009 at 5:49 am