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I have been continuing my job search with little results thus far.  This weekend I applied at Lowes, Blockbuster and Home Depot, and today I applied at Best Buy.  I have been confining my job search to the retail sector mostly, but if I find a promising opportunity in another area, I will apply for that as well.

None of the temp agencies I am registered with are giving me work right now, and it seems pretty futile to go out and register with more, although I will at least try the two closest to my house.  Temping was always good to me in the past, but when the economy went south, that seemed like one of the first job sources to dry up.  The newspaper is full of temp agency ads, because most of them pay for ads for a full year, but few of them are actually hiring.

At least my unemployment finaly kicked in, so I have a little money in my pocket now, and I have a meeting with public assistance tomorrow.  I hate to have to resort to this, but I have to do whatever it takes to survive at this point.  Hopefully, with persistant effort on my part, my fortunes will change soon.


Written by dgarman

January 26, 2009 at 5:03 pm

Posted in Employment

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