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After a long time of doing my blogging in other places for all the wrong reasons, I have decided to come back to my wordpress blog.  After every other platform I have tried, I have never been happier, and never gotten more readers than I have right here on wordpress.

I have tried many free platforms, including blogger, myspace, and xanga, among others.  Of all of those, I have to say Xanga was the only decent one, and for a while, I was actually getting a few regular readers on  that site, but it just doesn’t have the flexibility and functionality of the WordPress platform.

My long absense from WordPress really started when I got this stupid idea that I wanted to blog for profit instead of for fun.  I needed a free platform that would let me host ads, so I chose blogger for it’s easy adsense integration.  I blogged there for almost a year, and made about two bucks.  The worst part was, pursuing the pipe dream of being a professional blogger took all the fun out of blogging.  So I took a brief brake from blogging all together, possibly never to return to the hobby.

It wasn’t until I decided to put up a site for my new D&D group, and decided to use for that site, that I remembered how much fun I had blogging on wordpress, and interacting with the community here.  So here I am, back at wordpress, and with no more pretensions of trying to become a professional blogger, or chasing any more get rich quick schemes.  I guess some lessons I just had to learn the hard way.

Now I am just a regular guy, trying to find a real job, and enjoying my hobby of blogging.


Written by dgarman

January 23, 2009 at 5:49 am

Update on Work & Other Less Important Matters

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Okay, first and foremost, I want to make a pledge to myself to post more regularly on this blog.  Daily if at all passable.  I just haven’t been keeping up with this lately like I would like to.  I have been to absorbed in playing video games and such.

Now for an update on work.  Last week I was sent home early one more day, but as of Friday, they started giving us our hours back, and as of Monday they called most people back from layoff, although some would not return.  I had submitted my resume to a few employers on in the meantime, but most of the offers I have received thus far have been less than tempting.

Now on to more fun matters, this weeks fantasy NASCAR picks:

Jeff Gordan
Dale Earnhardt. Jr.
Kyle Busch
Brian Vickers

P.S….   When I was proofreading this post I discovered, ironically, that the word blog is not recognized by the wordpress spell checker.  Nor is the word “wordpress”.

Written by dgarman

March 26, 2008 at 4:19 pm