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Work and D&D Update

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I didn’t get the supervisor position at work, and my hours and bonuses are still being cut.  Money is tight right now, and I really need to trim my expenses and pick up extra hours where I can.  I will also continue my search for a better job, although nothing promising has shown up on Monster lately.

I am also retaking the reigns of my D&D group, because reports have been coming my way that Dave has not been successful as a Dungeon Master thus far.  He has personal and family issues right now, wich I feel are limiting his ability to run the game well.  I will be starting my new campaign on the first Sunday in May, and we shall meet every Sunday thereafter for four hours.

I am using much of the Quietville Material I published here, with a few important changes.  Chiefly, I am changing the pantheon to a dualistic system, with two primary deities, a god of light, and a god of darkness, and also some kind of neutral nature deity who will play a lesser role in the campaign, as this particular campaign will focus primarily on the battle between the gods of light and darkness. I am taking there names from the video game Fable, Avo being the god of light, and Skorm being the god of darkness.  I haven’t yet decided what name I will use for the goddess of nature; possibly something archetypal like “Gia” or “Mother Nature”.  I will post more updates here as the game design progresses.