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To whom it may concern, my 25th birthday is rapidly approaching. I asked off work for this day, which is April 18th.  I didn’t ask off because I am particularly excited about turning 25, but my birthday falls on a Friday, and I could use a long weekend to recuperate from the rigors inflicted upon me by my evil employer.

I will be spending the week following my birthday at my best friend Steve’s house, dog-sitting for him, while he and his fiancee are on a trip to meet her biological father.   This will serve as kind of a mini vacation for Rachel and I, A chance to have a whole house to ourselves for a few days, even though I will be working most of those evenings.

I have updated my About Mepage, and will periodically be adding items to my wish-list in the days leading up to my birthday.  Feel free to use that as a guideline for any gifts as you see fit, but by all means, do not feel obligated to purchase a gift for me, or even wish me a happy birthday, as I am not entirely sure I will want to be reminded.


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March 28, 2008 at 10:38 am


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It is good to be blogging again.  I had to give the lap top I had been using back to my uncle, so I have been unable to blog for the past few weeks.  I suppose I could have gone to the library or something, but I work nights, so I am never awake when the library is open, and I have to pay my fines before they will let me use the Internet.

I have just about completed training at my new job at Intermedia Marketing Solutions.  My training class is finally out of the training room on the phones.   This past week was my first full week on the phones.

My current sales conversion rate for this pay period is at 9% which is exactly where the night-shift group average is right now.  I have to meet or beet this average for 2 week pay period in order to receive my performance bonus for that pay period.

 I have also been taking advantage of some new incentive plans that have just begun at work, in order to earn some extra commissions for myself.  I will need every dime of it, as I still have an overdue traffic fine to pay off.  If I don’t pay it off soon they will suspend my drivers license.

In other news, Rachel and I moved out of her mothers apartment today after her mothers deteriorating mental condition finally reached a point to where we can no longer tolerate her company.  I can only hope, at this point, that she gets the help that she needs.  She has been to much of a financial and emotional burden on Rachel and I, and we no longer have the energy or resources to deal with it.  We are now staying at my parents house until other arrangements can be made.

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March 10, 2008 at 8:12 am

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