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Ben the Trader

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I have decided to elaborate on the Village of Quietvilleby delving into some of the important characters there a little deeper.  I will start out with Ben the Trader in today’s post.


Ben the Trader was born the son of a chieftain of a nomadic clan in the Sylvan Vally.  He was educated as a minstrel, an art prized by his tribe, but he grew bored, and left his people to roam the lands for a time.  In his adventures, he befriended many other clans.  He came to live among the wild races, elves, dwarves and gnome, and learn there languages and ways.

In his travels he had many adventures, and made many contacts.  After his father passed away, he decided to retire from adventuring.  He leveraged his inheritance, along with the contacts he had made over the years, into a successfull career as a traveling merchant.

After accumulating a significant sum of money, and encountering many dangers along the road, Ben decided to settle down and set up a permanent outpost for his business ventures.  Thus he founded the village of Quietville.  Ben is now married, expecting his first child, and serves as the mayor of Quietville.


Male human bard level 2, CR 2, size medium, (5′ 8″ tall) 10 hit points, Initiative +2 (+2 Dex), Speed 30′, AC12, (+2 Dex), Attack +3 Melee or +3 ranged, Saves Fortitude -1, Reflex +5, Will +1, Alignment Chaotic Good, Strength 14, Dexterity 15, Constitution 8,Intelligence 15, Wisdom 7, Charisma 15

Skills: Concentration +1, Disguise, +6, Hide +2, Survival  +3, Knowledge (arcana) +5, Knowledge (nature) +7, Listen -2, move silently +2, perform +7, Profession (teamster) +3, Sense Motive +3, Spot -2,  Swim +4

Feats: combat casting, point blank shot

Bard Spells Known: 0-level, detect magic, flare, ghost sound,  mending, resistance
1st level, mage armor, silent image

Physical Description

Ben the trader is a balding, slightly over weight, middle aged man.  He has an impressive handle bar mustache, which is starting to show some grey.  He usually dresses in fine fabrics in fashionable colors for the season, and a fine woolen or fur cape.  He has a taste for expensive clothing and jewelery, and can always be seen wearing his new gold wedding band, and his gold family signet ring on his right hand.  Much of his clothing is embroidered with his personal seal, which is the image of a ruby.   He walks with a limp in his left leg, and uses a cane, which also doubles as a club when necessary, which he is quite handy with.  He usually caries one or more ornate daggers in his belt, and carries a hand crossbow concealed beneath his tunic.


Ben is a friendly, likable man, with a sharp wit, and a quick sense of humor, although he some time lacks common sense.  He is quick to make Friends, and proves a loyal Allie.  He is not wise in the ways of governing a village, but he is smart enough to know this, so he relies heavily on the advice of the local clan elders in making laws.  He is generous, and supports the cause of local druids whenever possible, as he is also a nature lover.  He is a curious person when it comes to magic, and has never ending questions for traveling magicians that pass through town.  He is also an accomplished composer of string music.

His most important allies include the wild elves, the druids, the church of Pelor, and the wild human clans

His most hated enemies are the orcs and goblinoids, and the bandit clans.

Important Possessions

gold wedding band, gold signet ring, six jeweled daggers,  hand crossbow, fine lute.


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February 14, 2008 at 2:07 am